Below are the various equipment manufacturers represented by O’Brien Equipment, Inc. If you would like more detailed product information on a specific product line, please feel free to contact us directly or click on the logos below for a direct link to the company’s website. (note: Some products are not available in all territories – contact your respective sales office for details.)

SPX Cooling Technologies

Cooling Towers, Fluid Coolers, Evaporative Coolers, Rental Towers

Repairs and Reconstruction

Puroflux Logo

Puroflux Corporation

Sand Media Filters, Cyclone Separators, Skid Packages, Control Systems

Aquanomix Logo


Water Management & Optimization, Software Solutions, Water Reclamation and Reuse Management Solutions

Griswold Water Systems Logo

Griswold Water Systems

Water Treatment Products

Fintube Logo


Fintube Boiler Economizers

QuantumFlo Logo


End-suction, Vertical, Multi-Stage and VFD Booster Pumps

Modine Logo


Unit Heaters, Infared Heaters, Make-Up Air Units, Duct Furnaces, Cabinet Heaters, Finned-Tube Radiant Heaters, Ductless Mini-Splits

MTA Logo


Process Cooling, Compressed Air and Gas Treatment

Webster Combustion Logo

Webster Combustion

Industrial and Commercial Burners

Peerless Pump Logo

Peerless Pump

End-Suction, Vertical In-Line and Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Hamiltion Engineering Logo

Hamilton Engineering

High-Efficiency Water Heating, Hydronic Boiler Systems

Rentech Logo


Water Tube Boilers, Heat Recovery Systems

Marley Engineered Products Logo

Marley Engineered Products

Berko and Q-Mark, Electric Unit Heaters, Cabinet Heaters, Wall Heaters

RBI Logo


Commerical / Residential / Condensing Boilers, Water Heaters, Pool Heaters, Storage Tanks

ATH Logo

Advanced Thermal Hydronics

Hydro Therm KN Series Condesing Boilers

Smith Logo

Smith Cast Iron Boilers

Commercial / Residential Cast Iron Boilers

Wilo Logo


Pumping Systems, Circulators, Multistage and Booster Pump Systems

Lockwood Logo

Lockwood Products

Boiler Feed Systems, Deaerators, Condensate Pumps

Sondex Logo


Plate & Frame, and Brazed Heat Exchangers

Unilux Logo


Flextube Boilers, Steam Boilers, and Hot Water Boilers

Penn Logo

Penn Separator Corporation

Blowdown Separators, Flash Tanks and Economizers, Steam Silencers, Sample Coolers

William and DAvis Logo

William & Davis

Boilers: Scotch Marine, Condensing, Vertical Tubeless, Electric, Feedwater Systems, Blowdown Separators